Quotes from Customers and Friends

“David is one of the 1% of parrot/cockatoo owners who really understands how complex they can be and what it takes to ensure success.  Super idea!  His quote about birds needing ‘Bold, persistent, experimentation’ is right on.”  Liz Wilson, CVT; Bird Talk columnist and Avian Behavior Expert.

“Great!!! Now we will have someone with large bird experience whom we can refer people to!”  Ann Brooks, Founder, Phoenix Landing, Alexandria, VA.

“A compassionate bird/animal person who understands the principles of avian behavior.   I wish you were here in Utah to watch my birds!”  Dr. Susan Friedman, PhD., Department of Psychology at Utah State University; Good Bird Inc., contributing writer; Lecturer and Author of “Living and Learning with Parrots” course.  To learn more about LLP, ABC's and other Objectives of the course, please click on the link: behaviorworks.

“Fantastic idea!  This is sorely needed in this area. Very few sitters have the skill sets necessary to watch large birds.  We will refer folks your way!”  Dr. Scott Stahl, Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, SEAVS Exotics, Vienna, VA.

“I give them glowing references!!"  Nadine R., Waterford, VA (Note: she has 20 birds, 4 sugar gliders, 2 dogs, and 43 koi fish).

“We called over 12 sitting companies and no one--except David at M2 Bird Sitters--returned our call.  I now see why you started the company and we will be in touch.  Thanks again!!"  Dale R., Concierge, Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC.

“They went above and beyond the call of duty.  My place was cleaned up and their pet log was fun to read.  It is nice to know that my birds are being well kept and entertained!!!!"  Donna K., Alexandria, VA.

"You have helped me with Cupid, he is really looking good and not biting as much, we can all learn something from you, you are a great person also!"  Kat G., MS

“David is quite talented in helping fix behaviors." Nathalie R., Houston, TX.

“David knows his birds and he is great with other animals too.” Joe D., Ashburn, VA.

“David is a very caring person and is extremely knowledgeable about bird requirements and care.  I would trust him with my birds—or other animals—in a second.”  Lynell Lane, Owner,  Pink Mechanic’s Toy Shop.

“Mary Jo and David are wonderful watching our house and pets when we are away.  We trust them and they are great people.” Beth B., Ashburn, VA.

“Very reliable.” Irini M., Ashburn, VA.

“David was incredible.  Compared to the other sitters that we have had, the birds looked super when we returned.  All of the animals appeared well cared for.”  JB (30 sheep, 10 lamas, 2 dogs, 40 gallon fish tank, U2 and a CAG, Leesburg, VA.

"We are so fortunate to have Melissa watch our birds"  Boris F., Washington, DC.

"Kathy does an incredible job.  M2 Bird Sitters we are glad we found you!"  Jerry T., Arlington, VA.

“We love it when David and Mary Jo watch Gibby.  They are great with him.”  Nikki K., Alexandria, VA.

“For the first time--in a long time--we did not have to worry about our birds.  Nice job!!!"  Kathryne T., Great Falls, VA.

“Mary Jo is tremendous with my cat.  She is the only one I trust!!!"  Kurby H., Sterling, VA.

"We will let Dr. Stahl know how thorough you were on all things.  Thanks so much!"  Michael S., Herndon, VA.

"I have no idea what we would do with out him.  He really cares about the birds."  Mary P., Herndon, VA.

"He is the BOMB!  My birds love him."  Laura B., Leesburg, VA.

"I am so happy I found your company." Vera F., Camp Springs, MD.

"I really hate to say this but it was like we were never gone.  Thank you, David, for taking such great care of our birds.  We love what you do!"  Katja F., Washington, DC.

"I appreciate you being the back up.  Nice communication and they understand birds and reptiles."  Robert S., Cascades, VA (Note: We have since become his primary pet sitter).

"I would never trust my birds with someone else.  I really feel safe leaving my birds in your care."  Kathy Q., Alexandria, VA.

"Thanks for taking such great care of my birds."  Dawn C., Chantilly, VA.

"Thank you for doing what you do.  This is such a great idea."  Kathy R., Herndon, VA.

"Every where I go, your name is mentioned as the best!!!"  Taryne P., Alexandria, VA.

"Your brochures are everywhere.  Thanks again!"  Kristen C., Ashburn, VA.

"My husband and I are just so happy we found you.  You have given us great peace of mind to know that our birds are well kept and loved while we are gone."  TJ, Washington, DC.

"The others in this field do not compare to what you guys do.  We will use you exclusively!"  SA, Round Hill, VA.

"David watched out for our birds and called when there was any hint of trouble.  He really does care."  EG, Ashburn, VA

"M2 Bird Sitters are incredible.  We had a very scared bird.  With David's help, we worked on socializing the bird and now there are no problems with other people coming into our house and interacting with our birds."  CH, Ashburn, VA.

"What a great, great job you did.  Our birds do not really like to interact with people and you really were super--they were very relaxed and seemed to have fun. Kudos to David!!!!"  SJ, Vienna, VA.

"I am floored by how caring David and Mary Jo are.  They take time and work with the animals and are so patient.  Do yourself a favor, call them now.  Forget other sitters.  If you have exotics or high needs pets, this is the place to be."  KT, Great Falls, VA.

"Another pet sitter claimed to be the first in the area to watch birds.  Funny, she never called me back nor helped me.  M2 Bird Sitters are the best.  Period.  Forget about the "Parrot Nanny."  These folks care and communicate well. Very smooth operation."  HB, Oakton, VA.

"I have just one word: Super.  They were a bit slow on follow up but--do not call anyone else.  David and his company are the best."  LT, Ashburn, VA.

"They are very flexible and usually wind up staying longer than their contracted time.  MJ, David, and their kids do a great job of keeping our pets entertained.  They are good with last minute schedules and we will only use them."  BR, Broadlands, VA.

"Thanks so much for everything!  We've had fun vacations with great peace of mind thanks to you!"  LH, Herndon, VA.

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