About the Owners


David and Mary Jo Stephenson have been life long pet lovers.  For over 50 years (combined experience), pets/birds have shared their lives: From parakeets to cockatiels and large cockatoos, they enjoy all aspects of companion parrots--plus other animals and pets.  They have "been owned by" numerous dogs, cats, fish, hermit crabs, chameleons, and gerbils.  You name it, they have probably taken care of it.


David is an active volunteer for Phoenix Landing and is a graduate of the “Living and Learning with Parrots” course, which deals with solving behavioral issues of parrots.


The reason for starting out on this venture was quite simple, recalls David.  “I was going on vacation and could not find a suitable sitting service that would care effectively for my birds and look out for my home.  It was very frustrating.  That is when the light bulb went off:  What about a pet sitting service that specializes in birds?” 


With this thought, M2 Bird Sitters was born.


David recently retired as the VP of North American Sales for an international software company.  In his 18 years of sales and marketing, he has been very successful: From the Top 5 Global Software companies, to start-ups, David has a broad background in sales, PR, marketing, promotion, management and other major areas of of business. 


Mary Jo has an extensive background in business and operations as well.  A seasoned executive administrative assistant, she has over 20 years of experience in HR, Senior Executive management, and event planning/coordination.  In the past 6 years, she has started 1 successful independent company and 3 profitable franchises.


Giving back is also an integral part our organization.  A portion of the profits generated will be donated to:


-Phoenix Landing: A local, non-profit organization which educates and re-homes birds.


-The World Parrot Trust: Dedicated to the survival of parrots in the wild and the welfare of captive birds around the world.


-The Indonesian Parrot Project: Super organization. Their primary mission is to conserve and protect the endangered wild cockatoos and parrots of Indonesia.