FlexBook Pricing/Basic Rates

Our rates for 2014 have increased.  We continue to be competitive with "traditional" sitting companies. 

Please review the FlexBook pricing.  It is like a prepaid phone card: the rates are discounted based on the amounts paid in advanced.  There are no additional contracts to be mailed or signed.  Just confirm the dates via phone and we will take care of the rest--much less hassle (there are also no last minute fees for scheduling changes or last minute bookings.  All costs are included, except holidays, which will be debited appropriately)! 

Billing statements are emailed monthly and the rates are locked in for one year.

For current customers, we can show how much money you can save based on prepayment for 10, 15, or 20 visits.  Potentially, your costs can be reduced by 33% or more depending on the number of visits.

For future customers, it is an excellent way to save money and time. 

Call for a custom quotation.  All rates are effective January 1, 2014.

Basic Rates
Duration per Visit New Rates
15 Minute $18.00
30 Minute $23.00
45 Minute $33.00
60 Minute $42.00


FlexBook Pricing

Number of Visits Discount
1-2 Visits 0%
3-4 Visits 5%
5-9 Visits 10%
10-14 Visits 15%  (FlexBook)
15-19 Visits 20%  (FlexBook)
20+ 33%  (FlexBook)


Additional Offerings

Gift Certificates Yes, Contact M2 Bird Sitters
Avian Behavioral Consultation Yes, Contact M2 Bird Sitters for a custom quotation
Longer Term Behavioral Program Yes, Contact M2 Bird Sitters for a custom quotation
Pet Taxi Service Yes, Contact M2 Bird Sitters for a custom quotation
Overnight Stays Yes, Contact M2 Bird Sitters for a custom quotation


2014 Holiday Schedule, Dates are approximate
New Years Dec. 31-Jan. 6th Independence Day July 2nd-6th
MLK Jr. Day Jan. 21-24th Labor Day Sept. 1st-5th
Presidents Day Feb. 17th-20th Columbus Day Oct. 12th-14th
Spring Break County Dependent Veterans Day Nov. 9th-13th

Easter Holiday

March 20-24th
Memorial Day May 24th-30th Thanksgiving Nov. 24th-30th
Christmas Dec. 21st-30th

There will be a $3.00 charge for each additional pet per visit (unless very small birds/animals/fish/reptiles).  Total cost may vary depending on the type of care requested and discount offered.  An additional mileage charge will be added.  Other restrictions/fees may apply.  Pricing may change with out notice. For details, please contact M2 Bird Sitters. 

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