What are the Advantages for my Birds?


-Reduced Stress.  Your bird stays in its own familiar, secure environment where all the sights and surroundings will keep your bird more relaxed and comfortable. 


-Diet and Exercise.  Your birds diet and play routines are followed, with no interruption to upset your pet.   We can take them out of the cage and give them the experience that they are used to.  Meal preparation (fruits/veggies) can be included in the visit--along with cage cleaning and toy changes.


-No “Travel Trauma.”  Travel to a boarding facility may upset your bird.


-No Health Concerns.  There is minimal exposure to illness from other birds.   Parrots are very sensitive to airborne matter.  In your home, they will be much safer, particularly with contagious diseases that may occur in boarding situations. 


-TLC.  Most importantly, your bird receives love, time out of the cage to exercise and play while you are away on vacation, during work hours, or running errands.


We are a bonded, licensed, and insured pet sitter organization.