M2 Bird SittersÖfor the Birds!!!

Donít turn your birdís world upside down when you go to work or vacation!   

We provide the highest quality in-home bird sitting services that enable both you and your birds--or other pets--to have an enjoyable, worry free time.  We care for all bird species--dogs, cats, reptiles and fish too!!                 

Birds are our specialty.  Unlike other pets, birds can require a substantial amount of attention during your absence.  Left alone for long periods of time, they can become bored and stressed.  This can lead to a host of issues including behavioral changes, aggression, resentment, or feather plucking.   Finding quality bird care from experienced bird people is next to impossible

Not anymore!!!

That's why our in-home visits will make your birdís life more enjoyable while you are away.  Additionally, our mid-day visits are the perfect break to lessen behavioral problems, separation anxiety or just to help socialize the bird to other people!

Our primary mission is two fold: 

-Enabling worry free travel knowing that your home and birds are being cared for daily.

 -Allowing your birds to remain in a safe, stable, and familiar home environment

With over 50 years of combined bird/pet ownership experience, we will treat them with love and respect they deserve!

Reasonable rates (as low as $14.45 per visit!!!), multiple discounts, flexible schedule, gift certificates.  Contact us!!!!