Here are some of the links of folks that have a special heart for large birds.  Please be sure to check them out!!!

Avian Health Article on Aspergillosis: This is a nasty health issue.  All of us need to be aware of and keep our bird's environment clean.  Do not let this happen to your bird!!!

Phoenix Landing: Northern Virginia's leading parrot education and re-homing organization.  If you are local to the area, please consider adopting a bird from this group.  They are well run by caring people and have a good selection of parrots.  Please consider! Please read this very well written appreciation on Parrot Rescuer's Final Reward.

World Parrot Trust: Help fund research and studies of parrots in the wild.  They also are trying to help end the import of wild caught parrots.  Please donate today.

Cockatoo Rescue Organization: If you need to relinquish a bird on the west coast or one that specializes in cockatoos, this site is incredible. Please donate today.

The Pink Mechanic's Toy Shop: Bar none, the best stainless steel toys on the internet developed by a bird lover and tested by a bird!!!

Weldon's Supply: Huge diversity of toys, bulk and otherwise.  Service is exceptional!

Grey Feather Toys: Owned and operated by caring parrot folks.  Nice selection and service.

PJJR Bird Toys: One of the best values on the internet.  Check on the prices.  Very well built and the services is super.

Windy City Parrots:  Excellent selection, great service.

C&L Aviaries:  If you need it, he has it.  If he does not, he will get it.  Great site and a trusted breeder of cockatoos and other parrots.  Service is superior.  Looking for that special pet to adopt?  Search on your area: nationally or locally.  It is a great way to search multiple organizations at once (adoption, rescue, etc.).

Article: "Why Hire a Bird Sitter" Excellent article.  Self explanatory.