News and Edutainment

Here are two articles about us that have appeared in recent publications. 

The others are posted for your enjoyment and fun.  Some of the commercials will take time to download as they are from other sites.  Some are from mine.  Be patient with the ones from YouTube, they are slow....

Article: M2 Bird Sitters: Leesburg Today Video: Snowball (Dancing to Backstreet Boys)

Video: Greater Sulfer Toos Grazing

Article: M2 Bird Sitters: PLC Advertisement Video: Pixar Animated Short, "For the Birds"


Video: Overview of the Indonesian Parrot Project (Super organization.  Get involved!)

General Article: Gabriel Foundation Video: Sulfer Crested Toos


Video: Baby Cockatoos (loud little buggers)

General Article: When the Fur Flies Lindsay Lights Xmas Light Display 2007


Video: Dancing Cockatoos (cool music and editing)

Picture: Bird Gangs.... Video: PDD: Nasty, Nasty Disease


Video: Greater Sulfur Crested Toos (In a park in Austrailia)

Video: Parrot Beatbox: African Grey Video: Cockatoo Screaming (future owners, be forewarned!!!)

Video: Black Cockatoos

Commercial: Cockatoo Budlight #1


Video: Cockatoos of Linfield

Video: 40 Cockatoos Visiting!!

Commercial: Parrot Budlight #2


Video: Backyard Cockatoos

Video: Black Palm Cockatoo

Commercial: Cockatoo BudLight #3


Video: Australia Zoo

Video: Black Palm Cockatoo AB Show

Commercial: Parrot, Bud, Ditzy Blond


Greeting Card: Online Parrot Greeting Card

Video: Hyacinthe Macaw Baby

Funny Bit: Dead Parrot,  Monty Python Video: PDD General Message

Video: The Real Macaw

General Article: Indonesian Parrot Project Video: Bo The Moluccan Cockatoo (Very sad and why sometimes these birds should never be "owned.")  
General Article: Pet Psychic Video: Sulfer Crested Toos  

General Article: Cockatoo Love Story


Video: Sulfer Crested Toos Feeding


Poem: Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge


Video: More Sulfer Crests


Video: Einstein, African Grey


Video: Jesse’s Parrots (Lots of Tricks)



Video: Cat Messing with a Printer

Video: Guitar Playing Triton


Video: Cat Wake Up (Cartoon)


Video: Dancing Cockatoo


Article: Parrot Safety Link



Video: Why Kids Need Pets

Article: Rare Parrot Flower



Video: Dog in Pool

Video: Moluccan Alarm Clock



Article: Parrot Behavior

Video: Moluccan Barking like a Dog